Friday, 31 January 2014

Showcasing Lorraine C - Top Three - Challenge #9

Hi everyone!

Back with the second showcasing blog for today, and this post features the incredible work of the lovely:

As you can tell from this card, Lorraine is pretty good at this crafting malarky and many of you will have seen her fabulous work in other challenges and on Facebook.  

This card is particularly stunning...such a fabulous and beautiful colour combo which works so well with this gorgeous image.  And, as always, Lorraine has set it off to perfection on her lovely card. 

I think you really need to pay a visit to Lorraine's blog as you will find an endless port folio of incredible craftwork displaying her incredible colouring talent.  So make sure you pour yourself a very large coffee and grab the biscuit tin before heading over for a visit as I can guarantee you'll want to stay for ages!

Take care everyone and happy crafting!


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