Sunday, 6 April 2014

Fortnightly Candy #15 - Please Check the Rules in the Post.

Morning everyone!

The winner for Candy #14 is:

which means that

is the winner of the £10 voucher to spend at,uk

Congratulations Anjali, please can you email me at to claim your prize?

If you would like to the chance to win the £10 voucher in this new candy, then you need to make sure you do the following three things:

1/  Make sure you are following this blog.

2/  Paste the Candy badge (top right sidebar) into your blog sidebar and link back to this blog.

3/ Leave a comment below answering the following question:

In challenges, do you prefer them to have a Random selected winner or would you rather that they were selected by someone?

4/  Put your name down for the candy using linky.

Remember that you need to follow all the rules to qualify.  Many of the last entries failed to answer the question...again!  

Please note that you have 7 days to claim your prize
Good luck! 

If you've not already paid a visit to see my new papers, head over now for a quick look.  There are lots more on the way so keep your eye on them to see if anything catches your eye.  I have designed the sets so that there are plenty of options to mix and match and they come with matching matting layers so that your entire card works perfectly together.   Scribble and Scrap 

Take care and happy crafting! 


  1. Ooh..I can't believe this..Thank you so much for this great candy..I would prefer Randomly chosen winner...:)

  2. I like the format of selecting randomly but also choosing the top 3 or 5 by the Design Team.

  3. I think that 'random' gives everyone a chance - but I very much appreciate being chosen by a person!! So I agree with Lorraine above...

  4. congrats Anjali :) I would prefer atleast the top 3 be chosen by people even if they use Random number for selecting the winner...
    Moxie Craftie

  5. Thank you for more candy! Wonderful question! Actually I like it when the prize winner is chosen randomly and there is a top 3 chosen by the Design Team. I think a random prize gives everyone a chance, from the beginner to the more experienced. The random prizes really gave me a lift when I was just starting out and I didn't have to feel intimidated by the more talented artists. It's also a treat when your entry is chosen as a top pick so I enjoy challenges where both of these are done. Have a great day!

  6. I like the winner to be picked randomly as it gives people of all craft levels a chance to win but do like the top 3 or top 5 to be picked by a person.
    Thanks once again for a chance to win some awesome candy.


  7. I agree with all the above comments. It's nice as a beginner to be in with a chance to win a prize, but it's equally nice to feel that someone else likes what you do.

  8. I always like having random winners drawn by a truly random source. Nothing wrong with also having a Top 3 or whatever chosen by team members but it evens the playing field to have Mr. Random choose a winner. :-D

  9. Random winner definitely plus top picks for a boost of confindence : )
    Thanks for another candy.

  10. I actually prefer when they do both. I like that the chosen winners get blog badges to display and the random winners get prizes. Everyone wins. :)

  11. I prefer the picking, of a winner, think that it means more that someone has taken the time to look at the card, also not everyone, does multiple entries to challenges, so a bit fairer when it is chosen, but someone, if you know what I

  12. I think random is better because not everyone is as talented or skilled and so they would never win as their work would be compared to others. Then they would get discouraged and give up.

  13. I like it when they do both Random winner and top 3-5 faves. That way everyone has a chance to win

  14. random is good, gives everyone an equal chance :)

  15. Random gives everyone a fair chance. the person picking the winner may prefer particular styles making them biased thus could be disadvantageous if you don't fit in with that style

  16. Though choosing a winner on personal choice is an ego booster for the winner (hehe) but I think the top picks does the work and selecting a random winner equalizes the game along with recognising and promoting new talent.

  17. Definitely random selected winner because when picked by a person it is only matter of taste...


  18. I much prefer Random selection.

  19. Picking a winner randomly gives everyone a fair chance to win, but I do like it when there is the personally selected top 3.


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