Saturday, 7 June 2014

Showcasing Debi B - Winner - Challenge #18

Hi everyone!  

This is the first of 5 posts today, so please scroll down for more inspiration from the winners of Challenge #18.  

In this post we're showcasing these gorgeous Father's Day cards which were created by

I love how Debi has taken the same ingredients and given them a little shake to come up with something slightly different each time.  Lots of fun.

Pop over to her blog for a visit...I'm sure you'll find lots more to feast your eyes on there.

Take care everyone and happy crafting! 



  1. Congrats to Debi B! A lovely showcase!

  2. Thanks so much for showcasing some of my cards. All of these cards went to Send a Smile 4 Kids so children in the hospital will have cards to give to their fathers on Father's Day.


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