Friday, 19 September 2014

Debbie's Debut

Hi everyone!

A little bit of fun today.  Debbie is a friend of mine who I have persuaded to dip her toe into DT work.  Problem is, she won't blog so I'm blogging for her.  She's a great crafter but doesn't have the confidence she should have...maybe I didn't help when she sent me a card and I told her it's absolutely brilliant...placed face down on my sideboard!  :o)  She's never forgiven me for that and pays me back by nagging me all the time.  

Anyway...this is Debbie's debut card and I think it's lovely.

cream flowers with added pearls and an
embossed background enhanced with 

Little Lillibet looks so cute in the sepia tones and is displayed beautifully on this card which is cut away at the front to add interest.  And I love how the embossing has been made to 'pop' with the use of the gilding pretty.  An adorable card...just lovely.  

I know Debbie would love some comments on her debut card so please give her some encouraging words (or nagging!) and we might even get her blogging!  

Take care and happy crafting! 



  1. Poor Debbie, I don't know why she stays friends with you. This card is gorgeous. I love the vintage look of it and the embossing xx

  2. Now I know why you two are such good friends, I'd watch out for the broomstick Lexie! Debbie, why hide your light behind a bushel? You didnt seem that way, when we met! Its Fab, but can understand why Debster doesnt blog, too many fab blogs to look at

  3. Andree, thanks for the nice feedback, and I don't know why either...

  4. Thanks Lou, only shy about my crafting!! But really please to hear you think I have a light. xx

  5. Debbie this card is beautiful, the Lillibet image is so cute and I just love the sepia tones and layout too.
    Huge Hugz, Lorraine xx

  6. Lovely card Debbie! Don't let a certain person put you off we'll send in smeegle to raid her hobbit hole!

    1. Lol...amongst other things, I call Jamie Gollum. :o)

  7. Debbie, What a beautiful card. Love the nice nutural tones you used and lovely card layout. :D
    Deborah xxx

  8. Hi Debbie, beautiful card, I am so nervous about doing my first DT card so know how you feel! Love the Sepia tones! xxx


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