Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Fancy Fold Tutorial - By Sharon

Hi everyone!

Today we have a fabulous Fancy Fold Tutorial created by Sharon for you.  She's done a great job and I'm sure we'll be seeing lots of similar cards appearing once you've read this.  It's such a pretty card and there are no end of options to personalise it to your taste.  Over to Sharon.


This is the first time I have written a tutorial. I can teach face to face with no problems but struggle to put what I mean into writing!

The card I am making today is one of my favourite styles. It is simple to make once you get the measurements right so here goes:
you need 3 pieces of card stock cut to the following sizes:
Layer 1 6x7 inch
Layer 2 6x6 inches
Front of card 7.5 x 3 and 15/16 of an inch
You will also need 4 different backing papers - I have used Scribble and Scrap's Fabulous florals 2 for my sample. and a topper for the front of the card I have used one of the images from vintage photo sheet 19 for mine.
Taking Layer 1 you need to score 1.5  inches in on either side of the 7 inch length
Layer 2 needs scoring at 1 inch on opposite sides.
You then need to punch along the edges like so:
You then add strips of backing paper to the punched edges - the width of these will be dependant on the punch you use. Mine are 1 inch and 1/2 inch
With the Front piece of card score this at 6 and 6 and 1 eighth and fold. Then add backing paper to the inside long part and double sided tape to the shorter end:
your pieces should then look like this:
Line the shorter edge of the front piece with the outer top edge of layer 2 this is then stuck to the back of layer 2
Turn the card over and the inner of your card should look like this:
As you can see I have added a sentiment!
Fold the front flap down over the top of layer 1
Then take Layer 1 and glue this to the inner layer of layer 2 with the decorated edges facing you. This will cover the flap of the card front making the back of your finished card look neater
All that is left to do then is decorate the front of the card with your choice of papers and topper.
By folding the  layer 1 punched sides out and layer 2 in the card will stand independently.
I'm sure you'll agree that it's a great tutorial and such a beautiful card.  Give it a try and show us the results in one of our challenges.  I will be giving this one a try myself. 

Take care and happy crafting! 



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