Tuesday 26 August 2014

Stamps and Stamping

Hi everyone!

Hope you're all ok and have lots of crafty plans for the day.

I don't know if you've noticed but we have a few very adorable stamps for sale in the shop now featuring an adorable little girl called Lillibet.

We're going to be expanding our range of stamps over time and I was wondering what sort of stamps do you like using?  I've never really got the stamping bug but lately I've been turning my thoughts to stamps other than characters (though I wouldn't stop using them as I love them!).  There are so many stunning stamps out there...gorgeous florals, scenery, vintage, collage...so hard to choose.  Which sort are you really into at this time?  How do you like colouring them?  Pens, inks, pencils?  Do you like colouring them in bright colours or pastels...vintage colours even?  I find my tastes forever changing and really fancy doing some vintage style.  I need more hours in the day!  Would love to hear your thoughts and the sort of stamps you enjoy using.  

Take care and happy crafting!



  1. I've recently gotten the Tim Holtz bug, and am constantly looking for new texture stamps to use to create lovely inky backgrounds with...
    Other than that, you can never go wrong with a good floral stamp or a nice butterfly one.
    Personally I'm a huge fan of vintage/steampunk too.

  2. Thanks for letting us have our say on this matter!! lol
    I love stamping but I also love digi stamps too. I colour both with alcohol pens & occasionally with pencil crayons. I prefer the more clean & simple images, sometimes just a single animal or character in a corner., sometimes I do put papers/embellishments & lots of flowers on but over the top like a lot of cards nowadays. I certainly dont believe in having loads of "stuff" hanging over the edges of the cards. I would like to see more domestic animals featured on stamps, as in hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, more varieties of dogs as there are so many diff breeds etc.
    Marg xx

  3. I love this cute little stamps so adorable. I like using stamps, paper (especially fussy cutting), Tim Holtz items, flowers, wood and metal embellishments pretty much anything crafty. lol
    love the new shop.
    Hugs, xxx


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